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Day 1: Mehndi Rasam
bride & bridesmaid(s) beautification


     Application of Mehendi (or "Mehndi") is a widespread Indian tradition, centuries old, of decorate the body with a temporary colour using nature's finest ingredients. Mehndi (Lawsonia inermis), also widely known as Henna, is a small tropical shrub, whose leaves, when dried and ground into a paste, give a rusty-red pigment, suitable for making intricate designs on the palms and feet...

     ...Traditionally, the hands and feet are decorated before important celebrations, and the painting process itself is a festive occasion as well. In recent times, the MEHNDI art has adapted to modern times, and today it finds popular application to the face, neck, arm, upper and lower back, wrist, anklets, and more!

     Thus, the Mehndi Rasam will be held specially for Leena two days before the wedding ceremony. On this "festive occasion," friends, relatives, and other pro mehndi architects will get together to decorate the hands and feet of Leena for the wedding.

     Since there is limited space available (the event will be held in a mere 100 ft2 backyard patio), only close relatives are invited to this VIP event. If you have received an insert for this specific event in your invitation, follow the notes below to help plan for your attendance:

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Portions of this Mehndi webpage content are borrowed from, with author permission, and copyrighted by PRASANG Decorators & Event Planners at http://www.prasangdecors.com/mehendi.htm.


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